The sounds and style of the early 2000s defined an entire generation, the impact of which is just now being fully realized. From the Fugees who mastered sexy, soulful hip-hop, to pop music rebels like Gwen and Xtina who never played by the rules, the cultural impact of the first half of the new millennium was felt everywhere. Girls rocked jersey dresses, metallic makeup, and crop tops nearly everywhere except church. Boybands like B2K and N’Sync had dudes practicing their footwork in the hallway between classes, and everyone fawned over an emerging solo artist of girl group fame named Beyoncé. Even the neighborhood hustler, always out hugging the block, couldn’t escape the influence of ATL hip-hop from the raspy drawl of Young Jeezy, the club bangers the self-proclaimed “King of Crunk” Lil’ Jon, right on down to the new sensation called “snap” pioneered by groups like D4L and Dem Franchise Boyz.


A result of my own pent up nostalgia, and the excitement of seeing B2K’s Millenium Tour, this shoot represents a bygone time in history when jeans rode low, and tees were tall. When Myspace and IM were the social media of choice, and Trump was rapped about for very different reasons than now. 


So, come take this ride with us. Welcome to the new Millenium!


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